The Madness of March in Full Force

Chris Colella, Junior Sports Writer

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Kentucky vs. Wichita Highlights

It was one of the wildest, craziest NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournaments to date. Unbelievable upsets occurred up and down, left and right, and pretty much anywhere one looked. These upsets began day one of the first round, with Dayton shocking the nation and upsetting Ohio State by one point. After that, it was almost as if it were a domino effect. That same day, the number 14 seeded Mercer upset the number 3 seed Duke Blue Devils, and number 12 seeded Harvard beat the number 5 seed Cincinnati Bearcats. Just after the first round of the tournament, nearly 90% of the bracket entries were busted, according to ESPN. Although after the first round, game play more or less returned to normal and quieted down.  Excluding, of course, the fact that heavily favored Syracuse also got upset by Dayton in the second round of play, and number 10 ranked Stanford upset number 2 ranked Kansas. By this time, according to ESPN, only less than a percent of entries with perfect brackets remained. However, those perfect brackets didn’t last much longer. Once the number 8 seeded Kentucky Wildcats defeated the undefeated and heavily favored Wichita State Shockers, there were no perfect brackets remaining. Now that nobody had a perfect bracket, everybody could focus on the pure thrill and entertainment of March Madness, instead of the entire bracket busting stress.

The Final Four is being held on April 6th in North Texas, Texas, at famous Cowboy Stadium. The four contenders that remain are the Florida Gators, Connecticut Huskies, Wisconsin Badgers, and the Kentucky Wildcats. Florida will play Connecticut, and Wisconsin will take on Kentucky. It’ll surely be a quite interesting last final round for this year’s March Madness tournament. Except for Florida, the other three teams have definitely surprised this whole nation. For Wisconsin, Connecticut and Kentucky being lower seeded teams in the tournament, they have without a doubt shown that they can all flat out play. The toughness that those three teams possess is incredible. Through every game each of them has played, it was play hard from start to finish each and every time. None of them have let up one bit. Therefore, without a doubt, expect a wild, shocking, unbelievable finish to the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.