Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Eagles Remain Undefeated


Chris Colella, Senior Sports Writer

Are the Hubbard Eagles in position to put a mark on history and make it back-to-back undefeated seasons?  According to the community, student body, and the players themselves, the Eagles are in perfect position to finish out at 10-0 once again. Hubbard has yet again been a force not to reckon with on the gridiron; they’ve been cruising by teams as we enter the late stages of the high school football season. With a head full of steam, the high flying Eagles don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon coming into their final four regular season games against Canfield, Howland, Northwest and Struthers.

The 2014 Hubbard Eagles are currently ranked first in the state of Ohio, showing that it takes more than skill to get to where they are. “We definitely are closer as a team. Not only as a team, but as a family,” Senior LJ Scott said when asked about what makes this year’s team much more dominant than in previous seasons. The Michigan State recruit went on to say, “We work so much harder than what we did last year, and we just want it way more.” I also got the chance to catch up with Senior Matt Jones, a West Virginia recruit. When asked what the team’s main goals were for this season, Jones replied, “Our main goal is to go 10-0, and then make it to State and win it all.”

You can tell that this team obviously has some big plans in store for the rest of the season. Lastly, I caught up with Senior Tyler Taafe to discuss about the season with him. I asked the Toledo recruit what he’s enjoyed the most about the first half of his senior season, and he had this to reply, “I’ve enjoyed how much our team has come together and played unselfishly and physically.” You can definitely tell how well this team clicks and runs on all cylinders when Friday night comes around. There’s no doubt about that. Taafe continued, “We all know the overall goal we are trying to accomplish as a team is something that has never been done at Hubbard, and we all do what is asked of us to accomplish that goal.”

There’s something special about this seasons fighting Hubbard Eagles, and not a single team has found a way to stop them. It’s obvious that this year’s team has plans in store as we approach Hubbard’s Homecoming game. With their eyes on the prize and maintaining focus, the Hubbard Eagles look to make history in Northeast Ohio, and hope to finally bring home the beloved State Cha