The World Series Hits Home


Allie Perry, Junior Staff Writer

           October 25th, 2016, was a special day in the city of Cleveland, Ohio; the Cleveland Indians had made it to the World Series for first time since 1948. Much like the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA championship earlier this year, the Indians’ advance to the World Series brought a good amount of money back into Cleveland.  Box seats for the game went for over two thousand dollars a piece!

          The Indians started out strong, winning the first game of the series. The well-matched  game started out 0-0, until Roberto Perez hit a home run, bringing the score to 3-0. The game stayed steady, with the Cubs failing to get a single run. Perez returned in the 8th inning with his second home run of the World Series, bringing him and his two teammates home. His second home run brought the score to 6-0, which ended up as the final score.

        However, the Indians winning streak ended in game two. The turning point for game two was Anthony Rizzo’s RBI into right field. Between Rizzo, Zobrist, and Swarder together, they had five hits, four RBI’s and four runs with 11 at bat. In game three, the Indians regained control of the World Series, beating the Cubs 1-0. The tribe accomplished this by upping their defense and relying on the help of their pitcher. In the fourth game, the Indians took their next win. In game five, the Cubs struggled to stay in the game with a close win; the final score was 3-2 with the Cubs ahead 3-1 at the end of the 4th inning. Jon Lester scored 2 of the 3 runs for the Cubs, putting in 6 innings of work during the entirety of the game. Game 6 was also a big win for the Cubs with a final score of 9-3. In the 9th inning, Anthony Rizzo hit a home run bringing in his teammates as well, and moving the Cubs score up to seven. With both teams having 3 solid wins under their belt, game 7 would be the tie-breaker.

         Here at Hubbard High School, In preparation for the final game, students were permitted to wear their Indians gear to help support their team. Ultimately the Indians did not win the World Series, losing 8-7. However, HHSl showed their support by dressing up the day of the 5th game. Junior Tim Herberger says, “It was a great opportunity to show our team spirit!” Junior Taylor Begeot commented, “It was a lot of fun to dress up to support the Cubs!” Though the Indians did not win, they made Cleveland and nearby Youngstown fans proud of the city once again. The buzz created in this area was uplifting and incredible; no doubt all Indian fans are proud.