Cheerleaders Display Talent and Determination


Rylie Campbell, Sophomore Staff Writer

The 2017 fall sports season presents the HHS cheerleaders as more excited than ever to display their talents and root for their team.  After attending practice three days a week in the summer and one day a week during the school year, the cheerleaders learned a countless number of cheers, dances, and chants to make sure they could get the crowd excited and create momentum for the players.

 In the summer, the Junior Varsity and the Varsity cheerleaders went to Bowling Green State University for cheer camp, along with a few other high schools.  While they were there, they learned dances and cheers that they would practice for two hours, three times a day.  The girls also learned some of the technical aspects of the sport.  These aspects include the jumps that cheerleaders need to know: toe touches, pikes, herkie, and hurdlers are some of the most often performed.  Some of the cheerleaders can perform tumble passes like round-off  back handsprings.  The cheerleaders also spent time conditioning to make sure they have strong motions.  At the end of the week, they performed all they learned for the other girls at the camp.  The girls also conducted a mini cheer camp this summer where they taught first through sixth graders to cheer just like them.  Junior Varsity cheerleader Hayley Agnone says, “The hardest part of cheering for me is probably the conditioning and having to memorize all the dances.”

Although it is a lot of hard work and dedication, all the cheerleaders love spending their nights on the field.  Varsity cheerleader Lacey Neri says, “My favorite part about cheer is being with my best friends on the field and Friday nights.”  Freshman cheerleader Natalie Herzberger says, “I always have something to laugh about.”  To get ready for game day the cheerleaders will practice with the other girls, do hair and makeup, get in their uniforms, and put on their bows.  Agnone says, “Wearing the uniform is one of my favorite things about cheer.” Every Friday night, the cheerleaders will decorate the locker room with posters and streamers to get the players excited for the game they have that night.  The cheerleaders are prepared to cheer on the team to victory and want all students to be there helping them engage and inspire their team.