Lady Eagles Basketball Preview


Jackie Adler, Sophomore Staff Writer

The tipoff to the Lady Eagles season is right around the corner as they open up their season on November 29 at Campbell Memorial High School. The girls have 22 games slated for this season, and head coach Ray DeLuco has high hopes and expectations. When asked about these, coach DeLuco explained:  “My expectations for this year are for the girls to improve not only on the floor, but off as well.” Meaning that practice and discipline will be an important development strategy.  When asked about his prediction for the season, DeLuco stated, “I think this season will be a lot better. We have a quite a few returning letter winners and girls that have been in the program for two or three years already.” This team will be a much more seasoned group of players than previous teams were, it seems.  Coach DeLuco emphasized, “Again, I think with all of our returning players, we will finish a lot stronger than people anticipate. We are going to give some teams trouble.”

The Lady Eagles have 21 players on their roster, along with 7 returning letter winners. There are 5 freshmen, 4 sophomores, 7 juniors and 5 seniors. The freshmen are Maddy McCann, Mikayla Jumper, Sophia Kimmel, Toshe Stone and Olivia Hardin. The sophomores are Jackie Adler, Hannah Kist, Madison Casey and Maddie Morosky. The juniors are Ramiah Givens, Destiny Watson, Cailey Tingler, Kelsey Tingler, Gianna Williams, Taylor Pegg and Mikaila DeMarco. The seniors are Marlee Granger. Ruthie Sandberg, Megan Learn, Jordyn Davidson and Siliva Genoni. These five seniors, particularly, are looking to lead the team to a successful season. Senior, Marlee Granger, says “My hope for this season is to improve, not only individually as a player, but with my team on and off the court. We’ve worked really hard for this season so far, so let’s hope it pays off.”

The Lady Eagles have their first home game on December 9th, where they will play Lakeside High School at 1:30 pm. Come out and support the Lady Eagles for a start to the successful season.