Boys Soccer Scores Victories


Cassie Herberger, Junior Staff Writer

The Hubbard Boys Soccer team is off to an outstanding start for their 2018 season! The Eagles have won ten games. Leaving them undefeated, and ranked seventh in the state.

Freshman starter Jacob Gulu, who is a new resident to Hubbard, explains that “being on the soccer team made the move to Hubbard easier because it allowed me to make friends and get to know people before school started.”  Gulu has definitely helped the Eagles overcome their opponents. Starting off his freshman season, Gulu has scored two goals. The freshman starter says, “This season I’m looking forward to bonding more with my teammates. And my ultimate goal is to win a state championship!” Hopefully Gulu’s goal is accomplished!

Italian foreign exchange student, Ivan Affaticati has been playing the game of soccer from a young age. He has played on several club teams in Italy. This year, he has the chance to help lead the Eagles to victory. The boys are very focused while training and planning for the next games ahead. Ivan says, “I’ve always been told to never underestimate my opponents. Although I do plan on winning every game that is on our schedule this year.” Fans should commend the Italian student player for his confidence, if nothing else.  

This year the HHS Soccer Team has six captains: Niki Dowell, Dom Colella, Mikey Vansuch, Aj Trobek, Tony Dattilo and Nader Kassem. These six players are incredibly talented. When they play together, they are mostly unstoppable. Nader explains, “We get along very well as a team and as captains. We always make sure to communicate with the rest of our team; this way, no one gets in trouble by the referees, and we are always following the rules of soccer.” This group of captains will be leading a very talented group of men on September 27th..

Good luck to the Hubbard Boys Soccer team this year!