Are the 2018 Cleveland Browns the Real Deal?


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CLEVELAND, OH – SEPTEMBER 20: Carlos Hyde #34 celebrates his touchdown with Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns during the fourth quarter against the New York Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium on September 20, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Jayden Record, Junior Staff Writer

It’s no secret that the Cleveland Browns have drawn a lot of attention since the end of last season, but should they actually be taken seriously? After a busy offseason that included several key free agent pickups, decisive trades, and draft acquisitions, people started to show a little respect to the least successful professional sports team to hail from Cleveland (in recent years). With the likes of Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward being drafted in the first round, the media, more specifically draft expert Mel Kiper Jr, was more optimistic than usual about the Browns’ selections. Draft success should be credited to new GM John Dorsey who was confident in taking former walk on Mayfield with his first overall pick. When asked if the Cleveland Browns have a chance this season, Junior Cameron Resatar said: “With Baker Mayfield leading the Browns, of course they have a chance. His charisma is infectious towards the team.” “Bake” has won over the hearts of fans everywhere but is there too much hype surrounding him and the team?

After a 1-15 season in 2016 and the second 0-16 season in league history, the Browns were sitting on a cumulative record of 1-31 heading into 2018. A 3-1 record in the preseason gave fans hope that this season would be different, and so far…it actually has been! Throughout 5 games the Browns are 2-2-1 tying the Steelers, losing to the Saints by 3, beating the Jets by 4, losing to the Raiders by 3, and beating the Ravens by 3. With 5 close games and 2 wins under their belt, the success, as well as the mentality, in Cleveland is a complete 180 compared to recent years.

Considering how young they are and being realistic about the current roster, there is no obvious leader or experienced veteran to rally his troops when games get out of hand or when odds aren’t in the team’s favor. For this reason and this reason only, the Cleveland Browns do not stand a chance against the more experienced teams across the National Football League. When asked about the team’s chances, Junior Reese Best said: “Until they start winning games, they’re not successful. This goes for any team in the league including my Steelers.” Fellow Junior Rylie Campbell also commented on Cleveland’s chances. Rylie confidently said: “They have a chance, but I believe they’re going to do something to mess it up.” Many Hubbard students believe this “Cleveland Curse” she is referring to is all too real and is the reason for the Browns losses in week 2 and week 4. While the skill in their new and improved roster may lead to more wins, their lack of experience will ultimately keep them from going over the top. With LeBron in the western conference and the Indians already eliminated from the playoffs, it may be awhile until the the city of Cleveland sees another postseason celebration.