HHS Boys Basketball Looks to Improve


Andrew Frank, Sophomore Staff Writer

After a 12-12 2018 season, one of the better seasons in recent years, Hubbard Seniors Shannon Slovesko, Anthony Shaffer, and Mark Eckard had one thing on their mind, to improve.

Losing four seniors and three starters was a tough blow for the team, but the players and coaches were optimistic. “I think we had a really good off-season; the younger guys got a lot of work in the weight room and gym, and that’s what we need,” said Head Coach Justin Townshend when asked about the team’s off-season as a whole. Although a lot of young guys got good work in, there was still an absence of  veteran presence with almost half the team, including two of the seniors, who were still busy with football. Only two players with varsity experience were able to come to almost all of the workouts, open gyms, and summer scrimmages, and those two player were Senior Mark Eckard, and Junior Jayden Record. “It was a little hard being the only senior at the open gyms. I just tried to be the best leader I could be for these young guys and waited for my fellow seniors to come back and help lead this team,” said Eckard. Once the seniors and upperclassmen returned, everything changed. “Everything went so much smoother in practice, mainly due to the fact that we had our veteran leaders back,” said Sophomore Paul Sundy.

Before the season started, Head Coach Justin Townshend named Davion Daniels, Shannon Slovesko, and Anthony Shaffer Captains; however, Daniels was not able to play this season due to injury and preparing for his freshman season at Bowling Green State University, so Slovesko and Shaffer were the two captains. They quickly had a great impact on underclassmen such as yours truly, this reporter.  They are great leaders, teammates, and guys one can talk to about the game or life in general; it’s inspirational just having them around. Fellow Senior Mark Eckard also brings intensity, leadership,defense, and lights out shooting.

Even though the Eagles are returning only one starter, and three seniors, the adversity had definitely shaped this team in a positive way to help them overcome it with the help of the senior leaders. Head Coach Justin Townshend and assistant coach Craig Wellman have always said, “ Adversity will help shape who you are,” and that’s surely the case for this 2018-2019 squad and its seniors.

Good Luck this season boys as you face tough competition in a competitive new league!