HHS 2019 Wrestling Season: Injuries and Inconsistencies


Taylor Pegg, Senior Staff Writer

Congratulations to Andrew Christy on his 100th win!

Senior Andrew Christy is one of the few wrestling athletes to have reached a milestone at Hubbard High. He has racked up over 100 wins and has earned himself a spot in the Hubbard High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Christy stated when asked to comment on his wins: “It was an incredible feeling getting 100 pins, but on top of that, I earned that particular win on our home mat on senior night.”

Despite Christy’s recognition in this 2019 season, the boys themselves were not that happy with the year they had.  When asked about the inconsistent record this year, senior wrestler, Gage Whitacre said, “We don’t have a strong team record, and it’s bad.” Whitacre continued, “If I really had to give an honest summary,  I would say that most are not happy with three wins and 26 losses.” In contrast, Robbie Gessler kept his team’s hopes high. Gessler stated, “It’s alright; I mean we’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re doing okay.”  Perhaps “okay” is questionable. Still, through all of the losses, the team continued to push as hard as possible, gathering many injuries along the way from perhaps working a little too hard or working hard a little too inconsistently.

For example, Senior Seth Jones suffered a dislocated shoulder. Seth was not able to wrestle for three weeks. Junior Patrick Brown suffered a broken finger, but continued to compete. Senior Gage Whitacre and Sophomore Mark Day both ended up with concussions this season. Whitacre  was out for a total of three tournaments and multiple matches. The team also reflected injuries with younger players: Luke Lowry, a freshmen, suffered a broken collarbone. To top that list off both Lukas Masora and Mark Jones suffered many rib cage injuries. So it’s apparent that the Eagles were set back significantly by these problems, but that is only half the issue. Maybe as a team, 2019 wasn’t the year for a good mesh.

Though the team’s record may be suffering as a whole, the senior wrestlers have had a good season individually: Christy, phenomenally, with his 100th pin; Mosora with a 21-18 record, Gessler with an approximate 26-16, and Jones with 13-10 season. The seniors ended with a winning record their senior night on February 6th.  Although these players will move on to a different arena, perhaps 2020 will be a stronger year for Hubbard’s wrestlers.