Fall Sports Safety during Covid

Fall Sports Safety during Covid

Kaitlyn Thompson, Sophomore Staff Writer

In March 2020, lives were changed forever as COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. Countries around the globe closed their borders and states began to shut down to hopefully stop the spread of the virus. People were told to stay home for their safety, and a quarantine began for a few months leaving everyone bored, more so because a major entertainment source was on hold–sports! These past few months have been pretty crazy for athletes everywhere. Many sporting events  such as the Olympics, high school  and college sports were postponed due to COVID-19. However, even though most of the world is out of quarantine, there are still some guidelines that must be followed to help keep everyone healthy and safe. How are the athletes here at HHS keeping safe?  How has Covid changed sports for us?

Here at Hubbard High School athletes have been lucky enough not to have any Covid-19 cancellations. Weekly football and soccer games, volleyball matches, and golf  matches have managed to go on without problems, but there are some precautions that take place each practice and game to ensure that sports can continue each week.  While attending these sporting events, fans must maintain social distancing and must wear masks. Every sport has made their own contributions to COVID-19 safety whether it be at practice or games. Some of these precautionary measures are: temperature checks, mask wearing for players coming in and going out, answering symptom questions, and of course social distancing when possible. Athletic Director, Mr. Kevin Hogue says, “Like every area of our lives, COVID-19 has changed how the Hubbard Athletic Department runs this year. We have adapted new standards for running events, and many other elements of our department have had to be changed; we will use these lessons moving forward. We appreciate all our student-athletes, coaches, support staff and the community of Hubbard for their support and understanding during these trying times and look forward to returning to normal operations in the future.”

HHS fall student athletes were asked about the different precautions that they take at their practices and games. Sophomore Ben Cheney said, “We clean off all the equipment after each practice, and we limit the amount of people in the locker room at a time. We make sure to social distance and wear masks on the sidelines as well.” Football is a huge sport here at HHS, but there are other sports that have their ways of keeping their athletes safe. Freshman, Daphne Hendrix says, “During my soccer games and practices I take safety precautions because of COVID-19 by distancing myself from my teammates and coaches. When I am not on the field playing or when I am coming to or leaving practice, I have a mask on.”  Golf is a sport here at HHS that is more on the limited, independent side, but they are making sure to be safe by following the guidelines. Sophomore David Williams says, “There really isn’t anything different about our practices or matches except for a few things. Golf is an independent sport so we just have to wear masks and social distance ourselves.” Though volleyball isn’t a contact sport, these players also have some rules to follow. Junior Haley Croyle says, “We social distance as much as possible, wear a mask when we are in close contact with each other, and use hand sanitizer very often. Also after every game and practice we sanitize the balls.”

With all these sports teams taking precautions, there is hope to finish out all fall sports seasons, and to continue into playoffs. Good luck to all HHS fall athletes and their families.  Thanks for taking the risk to bring back our fall sports, and here’s hoping you finish out the season successfully and well.