Kickoff to Fall Sports

Kickoff to Fall Sports

Kaitlyn Thompson, Junior Staff Writer

With the kickoff of fall sports, there’s a lot of excitement in the school. Students  are looking forward to the Friday night lights and many other activities. Do you play a fall sport? Do you attend fall sporting events? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing! 

So far this season, the Hubbard Football Team has managed a winning record (6-0). One of these wins includes their first ever victory against Cardinal Mooney High School, with a final score of 21-19. Junior Mike Biro says, “It was a great day in Eagle history.” And that it was.  Many fans and fellow students were excited over this big win. See the video below for a synopsis. 

Historic win! Hubbard holds lead against Cardinal Mooney

At these football games, the student section presents a huge spirit factor, showing up dressed in themes, popping off confetti, making signs, and many other things. “Every game is just like a big party,” says Geno Leshnack, freshman. Students love showing school spirit here at Hubbard high school. Freshman Madelyn Fonagy states, “I think that Covid has brought the students closer together when showing school spirit.” The football team has four remaining games with the hope of coming out with an undefeated season. Sophomore Nick Bowser says, “We’re focused on the rest of the season, looking forward to easy wins before the big game against South Range. It will be a good game, but we are looking to come out on top and take the league title. Then, continue to dominate from playoffs to the state championships, with the hopes of bringing home Hubbard first state title.”   

Volleyball is another sport that is active during the fall season here at Hubbard High School. Girls volleyball currently has a record of 7-6. So far this is the best record they have had in about four years. “Our team is playing the best I’ve seen in the last four years. If we continue playing how we are, our record will be the best it has been since I was a freshman,” says Senior Paige Reed. Volleyball is also another sport that has had students following behind them; they call themselves “Row Closed.” They have traveled to both home and away games supporting the girls volleyball team. Junior Rocco Mariano says, “They are my dawgs, to put it simply”. 

Soccer is another popular sport this year. Both the girls and boys team have been doing well this season. The girls team currently has a record of 5-2, and the boys have a record of 3-4. With the second half of the soccer season on a roll, players have high hopes about the rest of the season. The girls soccer team is just hoping to play their absolute best.  Sophomore Rheanna Barr explains, “For the rest of the season we want to play our best and play like it’s our last game ever.” The boys team is hoping to fight strong through their playoffs. Senior Jaden Johnston says, “After our shaky start at the beginning of the year, we look forward to a very successful rest of our season. Our goal is a district championship and even further”. 

One of the more independent sports here at HHS is golf. This season, both the girls and boys golf teams have done well. Both the girls and boys golf seasons are coming to an end, but they both have good intentions for their last matches. Senior Karlie Brenner remarks, “Our goal is to beat our rival school at sectionals this year, which is Poland.” The boys golf team is going in and hoping to play their best. Junior David Williams states, “At the end of the day we’re going to play the best we can to finish out this season. But, if you’re having a bad day and can’t be good, be lucky.” 

Another individual sport here at Hubbard High School is cross county. The cross country team has had a couple high placers this season. One of whom is Junior Brayden Murray. Murray says, “I’m really hoping to make it past districts”. 

With all the sports on their way to finish out their seasons, luck is wished to all athletes and coaches. Go Eagles!