Hubbard Welcomes New Girls Basketball Coach, Rich Marshall

Isabella Williams, Sophomore Staff Writer

This basketball season, the lady eagles welcome Rich Marshall to coach our basketball program. Coach Marshall has 41 years of coaching experience and 21 of those years he coached college.  He is assisted by Coach Patt Manzo who is head coach of the Junior Varsity Team. Coach Marshall has big plans for the 2022-2023 season. Marshall’s main focuses are communicating and giving effort on the court. He hopes to teach the game of basketball in a serious manner while also striving to create a better player on and off the court. 


He spends hours watching tape from our previous season to prepare us for our game. By watching this tape he made practice plans that helped the lady eagles improve and win their home opener. He also watches our opponents games on YSN to see what the athletes should work on to win the game. “We had many practices where we pushed each other to get better while preparing for the game. It felt great winning our first game! I hope this will set the tone for the season and we have many wins to come!” says senior Sophie Murphy.  


As well as preparing us during the season, Coach Marshall also had the athletes working over the summer. The Varsity girls participated in a shootout at Ursuline College as well as played in Hickory High school’s summer league. Freshman, Khamyah Howell, says, “I think the summer league helped me by allowing me to get to know the coach and play for him. It also allowed me to get to know the team and gave me time to play with them before the season. It helped us learn how to play as a team before the season started.” Also all girls were welcomed to attend open gyms and sign up for weekly skill sessions. Coach Marshall also encouraged the girls to condition in the off season by texting them GIFS of people running or jumping rope every day until the  first official practice of the season. 


Coach Marshall has a lot of hope for our Eagles this year and wants to continue the idea that the team is the family. The athletes have always ended  practice after the team huddled by saying “family”. Coach Marshall explains how that was one of his favorite things the lady eagles did after their first open gym in May, which made him know he was in the right place to coach. 


The Lady Eagles had a rough few years and are working hard to improve their abilities and under the coaching of Rich Marshall, the Eagles may have a chance to surprise everyone.