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Cassie Herberger

  • Cassady Herberger, or Cassie as she is often called, is entering into her sophomore year at Hubbard High School. This is her first year as a HUB staff member. She has an interest in the HUB mainly because she enjoys writing and is excited about improving her writing skills. She has an interest in writing about sports. She is looking forward to sharing her writings about athletics and many other topics.

  • Cassady is currently enrolled in honors classes. Although she is often busy with schoolwork, she dedicates most of her time participating on school sport teams, and clubs. She is a member of both the French and Ecology Clubs, the track team, the girls’ varsity soccer team, and she is currently a Hubbard majorette. These activities help her engage with her friends and have given her the opportunity to  meet many new people.

  • Cassady hopes to graduate high school with Honors, at the top of her class. After high school, she hopes on either attending Kent State University or Ohio State University to achieve her doctorate, and to pursue a career as a veterinarian. She has always had a love for animals and is looking forward to taking care of  them.  After graduating she plans on opening her own animal clinic.

  • This year Cassie plans on helping make the HUB great!

Cassie Herberger, Sophomore Staff Writer

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