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Chloe Ryhal: Senior Staff Writer

  • Chloe Ryhal is going into her Senior year at Hubbard High School, and she hopes to make this year the best one yet. As this will be her second and final year of the HUB, Chloe hopes to make it something special. She originally joined the HUB because of her passion for writing, and that passion still drives her today. Just from the few short months that make up the school year, Ms. Shattuck and her fellow HUB members have taught her about journalism and have helped her to improve her writing.

  • Chloe plans to start her senior year strong by challenging herself with three College Credit Plus courses. She is taking French, Chemistry, and not so surprisingly, Writing. Although her school schedule is completely full,  she plans on keeping her part time job as well as maintaining her full time job as a mother to her fur baby. Additionally, Chloe plans to continue participating in multiple clubs. Some of these include: Drama, Art, National Art Honors Society, French, as well as serving as a staff member for the HUB news site. As she previously held the position of treasurer in the Hubbard Drama club, she hopes this year that her fellow members will do her the honor of electing her as president.

  • Chloe hopes to graduate with an honors diploma. Following graduation, she is considering college; however, Chloe is still stuck in that transition phase where one must decide what he or she wants to do for the rest adulthood, and this is a big decision. She is, however, very excited to make that decision sometime in the near future.

Chloe Ryhal, Senior Staff Writer

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