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Gracie Bencetic: Sophomore Staff Writer

  • Entering her sophomore year at Hubbard High School, Gracie is a first time HUB staff writer. She is excited to write about events or situations that argue an unsuspected conspiracy, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful agents; also known as conspiracy theories, this appeal most to Gracie. Gracie is also excited to challenge herself to improve her writing ability, gaining stylistic confidence while learning time management for this extracurricular.

  • Gracie is taking two honors courses: government and biology. She is also taking Stem Geometry, English and Spanish 2 as her foreign language. Gracie is going into her second year of marching band playing the sousaphone. She also participates in clubs such as: Spanish, Ecology, Business, and serves as a Student Council Representative and VP Class Officer. She also wants to join FTA: Future Teachers of America. Along with these involvements, Gracie is a member of the Hubbard varsity volleyball team, and plays JO volleyball in her off season. She has also recently joined the track and field team.

  • Gracie hopes to graduate high school with a high GPA. After high school, she wants to a attend a prominent college, which is yet to be decided. Gracie’s major is also undecided as of yet, but, she’s looking into psychology.


Gracie Bencetic, Sophomore Staff Writer

Sep 30, 2018
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