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Lukas Mosora: Junior Staff Writer

  • A first year HUB member, Lukas Mosora is currently a junior at Hubbard High School. Lukas was very excited to join the Hub as soon as he could. He is interested in writing about current events going on in the world today. While writing articles, he hopes to learn about new subjects and keep up with today’s events.

  • Lukas is currently taking three CCP classes that include: Government, Chemistry, and Algebra. Lukas is also taking Spanish three, Honors English, and Broadcasting. Lukas keeps a very busy academic schedule and in top of that, he is involved in many clubs as well. He is in the Ecology and Spanish Clubs, and "You Got A Friend In Me". He is the president of YGAIM. He is also involved in Student Council, as he is the historian of the school, and treasurer of his class. Lukas enjoys playing in football and baseball for Hubbard.

  • Lukas hopes to graduate at the top of his class, maintaining his 4.0 GPA. He plans on moving on and attending a university for his undergraduate degree. He is not yet sure of what school he would like to attend, or if he would like to play either baseball or football in college. Upon graduating from college he hopes to get accepted into medical school, where he can later have a career in the surgical field. Lukas is very excited to write interesting articles for himself and the student body to enjoy.


Lukas Mosora, Junior Staff Writer

Mar 25, 2018
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Oct 29, 2017
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