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Madison Copley: Junior Staff Writer

  • Madison Copley is a junior at Hubbard High School. This is her first year as a member of the HUB, and she joined because of her love of writing and creativity. She's excited to get out of her comfort zone and try something new. Joining the HUB creates a great opportunity for her to keep up with current events, work on her writing and social skills.

  •  Madison tries her best to succeed in all of her classes, and this year she is taking the following:  Spanish III, Honors English and Chemistry, World History, Algebra II and a finance class. With time management, she balances the long school day and homework every Friday night.  She marches proudly with the HHS school band, and on top of that. she enjoys playing volleyball. But that's not all, she is a member of Spanish Club and Ecology Club.

  • Madison has high hopes of making National Honors Society. Hoping to maintain a 4.0 while being the best student and friend she can be. With her positive attitude she knows she can accomplish those goals, and graduate with proud friends and family. After high school Madison plans on going to Cuyahoga Community College. She's not entirely sure if she will want to keep playing volleyball, or just concentrate strictly on school. At Tri-C she wants to study the basics of ultrasound than excel to specialize in Echo Cardiology. Performing ultrasounds on possibly babies and children.

Madison Copley, Junior Staff Writer

Nov 07, 2018
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