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Rylie Campbell

  • Entering her senior year at Hubbard High School, Rylie Campbell is a three-year HUB staff member, and is now assuming the position of Editor-in-Chief. Rylie enjoys the performing arts, and she hopes she can express her love for them through her writing and maybe open the door for others to find a passion for the arts as she has.

  • Rylie keeps a full schedule, being enrolled in honors classes and other electives. When she is not dedicating her time to academic work, she participates in many other extracurricular activities. In addition to being an editor and writer for the HUB, Rylie is in the Ecology, SADD, and French clubs, and is a majorette in the Hubbard High School Marching Band. Outside of school, Rylie participates in competitive dance and performs in several competitions and shows throughout the year.

  • Rylie hopes to graduate high school maintaining her 4.0 GPA, graduating with honors, and being part of the academic Top Ten. After high school, Rylie wishes to attend The Ohio State University, Miami University, or Clemson University to obtain a degree and pursue a career in corporate finance. As a three-year staff member, Rylie hopes to inspire the younger writers and to continue writing about the topics she enjoys, and as an Editor-in-Chief, she hopes that she can additionally inspire younger writers to reach for leadership roles.

Rylie Campbell, Editor-in-Chief

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