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Adam Pogacnik

Adam Pogacnik, Freshman Staff Writer

  • Adam Pogacnik is entering his freshman year at Hubbard High School.  As a first-year member of the HUB, Adam hopes to improve his writing skills while reporting on current topics and global events. He joined the HUB because of his interest in reading and creative writing. He was also encouraged to become a member by his sister, Anna, a former staff writer for the HUB. Adam wants to engage readers in his works by choosing to write about subjects that reflect the student body’s core interests and opinions.
  • As a freshman, Adam has begun joining clubs and aims to join more throughout his time at Hubbard High School. Currently, he is a member of the Art Club and plays the trumpet in the marching band. He wishes to join the Ecology Club and the language club of his choice. He also hopes to be accepted into NHS in his junior or senior year of high school. Outside of school, Adam enjoys hobbies such as art, reading, and spending time with friends and family.
  • Adam is optimistic for his future at Hubbard High School. His goals include maintaining a high GPA and excelling academically in his honors courses. After high school, Adam plans on attending a university, although he is undecided as of now where he would like to go. He is leaning towards a possible career in the medical field such as Nursing or Physical Therapy. However, he plans to explore the many options offered in the medical field throughout his time in high school. Whatever Adam chooses to do, he aspires to make a positive impact in the lives of others.
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Adam Pogacnik