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Hannah Best

Hannah Best, Junior Staff Writer

  • This is Hannah's first year on the HUB, and she is looking forward to contributing through her writing.
  • Hannah’s family is very close and important to her. She, out of four children, is the only girl. Hannah’s brothers are, in order of age: Brandon, Wesley, and Reese, and she is the second youngest. Her mother is an English teacher at Austintown Middle School, and her father is a sales representative and mechanic for Prop Logistics in West Virginia. Hannah’s oldest brother is twenty-three years old and works with her father. Both of her other brothers are in high school with her. Wesley is a senior; Hannah is a junior, and Reese is a freshman.
  • Hannah is very artistic, and musical--she plays the cello and piano. She also loves to sing and dance. In high school, Hannah takes an AP art class. Although she enjoys all of her subjects, she believes that she isn’t that good at math. She has always wanted to live and go to school in Hilo, Hawaii.
  • Hannah wants to be a sports injury recovery and prevention physical therapist. She will attend the University of Hawaii in Hilo to earn her degree. She started to think about being a physical therapist when her closest brother in age tore his ACL. He ended up needing complete reconstruction surgery. Through this experience with her brother, Hannah developed an appreciation for the field of physical therapy.  She has learned that the surgeons put everything back together, but the therapists do the work that makes it possible for others to walk and play sports again.
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Hannah Best