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Natalie Shearer

Natalie Shearer, Junior Staff Writer

  • Natalie Shearer is starting her junior year of high school here at Hubbard High. It is her first year as a part of the HUB news site. Her fondness and interest in writing pushed her to join the staff. She is thrilled to educate and inform her fellow classmates about things occurring in the community. Natalie is looking forward to spending time writing and educating herself and her peers. 
  • Natalie is involved in a few other activities as well. She has been a part of the Spanish Club for the past two years, and plans to be a part of it again. There are also many more clubs and plans for her junior year that she wants to expand upon. Outside of schooling, Natalie is a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, has earned state titles and enjoys competing. She also has a job and a local grocery store in Brookfield, Ohio. She enjoys writing, reading, hanging out with her friends, and being with her family. 
  • In her junior year, she is taking a few CCP classes, including: Chemistry, US Government, and Algebra. She wants to continue on this bright academic path during her senior year as well. Natalie is unsure where she wants to go and what exactly she wants to do in college. However, she does enjoy the sciences and plans to do something in that field. Natalie is excited to have joined the HUB staff for her junior year, and plans to participate again for her senior year.
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Natalie Shearer