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Sydney Mansour

Sydney Mansour, Sophomore Staff Writer

  • Sydney Mansour is going into her sophomore year at Hubbard High School. This is her first year as a Hub member and she is very excited about the challenges that it brings. She loves writing and all the experiences that come with it. Sydney believes that the HUB will be a great experience for her and will help to make her college ready.  The HUB seemed like a fun and interesting aspect of high school that she is looking forward to.
  • This year Sydney will be involved in volleyball and softball. She will also be doing volunteer work in her free time. Sydney loves to hang out with her friends when she can and is always going camping with her family. Every year, she goes on a big vacation with her family, which is always a blast. She also has a job at Shop and Save that always brings surprises. Sydney loves to read books when she isn't busy.
  • Sydney’s goals are to get all A’s and graduate with a 4.0 GPA. She is hoping to get into a big Ivy League school like Harvard or Yale. She knows it will be hard, but good things never come easy. Her plans are to become a psychiatrist because she loves helping people and talking about their problems. Sydney would like to live in the country, preferably Tennessee with lots of animals. She wants to make lots of memories throughout her high school years with her friends and her family.
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Sydney Mansour