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Ellie Lambert

  • Ellie Lambert is a current junior at Hubbard High School. This will be her first year as a HUB staff member. Her interest in keeping people updated and educated about current events led her to join the HUB. She is excited to be a member, so she can use and improve her writing skills in new ways. Ellie hopes to use these skills to educate the student body about current events as well as share her opinion about certain topics.

  • Ellie is currently taking all CCP and honors classes such as: Honors English, CCP Chemistry, Government, and Algebra, as well as Trigonometry. She will also be taking Psychology and Sociology, as well as Spanish 3 this school year. Along with The HUB, Ellie is a member of Spanish and SADD clubs and plans to join a few more clubs this year. When she isn’t focusing on school work, Ellie spends the rest of her free time at dance or working at Webb’s Ice Cream.

  • Ellie hopes to maintain her involvement in honors and CCP classes as well as her 4.0 GPA for the rest of her school career. She is not sure where she would like to attend college or what she would like to study, but she does know that her goal in life is to help people and our world. Ellie is extremely thrilled to be a member of the HUB this upcoming year and share current events and opinions with her peers.

Ellie Lambert, Senior Staff Writer

Oct 11, 2019
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Ellie Lambert