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Gracie Bencetic

  • Third-year HUB member Gracie Bencetic is currently a senior at Hubbard High School. Gracie first joined the HUB because she wanted another extracurricular to keep her time busy and practice time management with her hectic schedule.

  • Since freshman year, Gracie has been a part of many extracurricular activities. She is a fourth-year Student Council representative as well as the Vice President of the 2021 class. This will be her third year involved in extracurricular clubs such as Future Teachers of America and SADD. Gracie is also a four-year letterer on the varsity volleyball team and additionally participates in track and field.

  • In Gracie’s future, she hopes to maintain a GPA above 3.7, graduate high school, and continue her studies at an in-state college or university. Her major is still undecided. After she’s finished with her schooling, she would like to move to a southern state to pursue her career while enjoying the sunshine. Gracie’s intentions for the HUB are to use the platform to entertain her readers and learn more about their fellow students at Hubbard High School, as well as involving students, from senior to freshman year, in her articles.

Gracie Bencetic, Senior Staff Writer

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Gracie Bencetic