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Sara Sahagun

  • Sara Sahagun is a first-year HUB staff member. She’s a current sophomore who has loved writing since she was in elementary school, and her interest and passion for it has only gotten greater. Sara wanted to join the HUB because she wants to explore topics that are out of her comfort zone to expand her horizons. She hopes to improve her writing and journalism skills with the help of The HUB. She’s excited for this year, and many more to come. 

  • Sara is a member of the Spanish Club and Mock Trial. In a few months, Sara hopes to play a role in the Mock Trial competitions.  She is athletically involved as well, playing soccer and boxing for fun. She also plans on volunteering for the community throughout the rest of the school year. 

  • Sara will strive to maintain her good GPA throughout her high school years. She’s diligent in her studies, so she’ll hopefully be as successful as she can possibly after high school. She’s a hardworking girl who wants to graduate from law school and become a lawyer. Although she’s not completely set on what university she’d like to attend, she knows exactly what she wants her future to look like.

Sara Sahagun, Junior Staff Writer

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Sara Sahagun