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Student Concerns and Questions

QUESTION 1:  Please never serve Marco’s pizza ever again. It is the worst pizza I’ve ever eaten, and it makes me sick every time I am forced to eat it.

  • ANSWER: The Food Service Director sends out to local establishments, and they bid out if they can meet the federal guidelines and are interested in providing the service.  Remember we have Marco’s and Pizza Hut this year, so students do have options.


QUESTION 2Why can’t male students or even female students wear sweatpants in the winter? It will keep people warm, and sweatpants are more comfortable. In warm weather male students should be able to wear athletic shorts, and girls should be permitted to wear yoga pants. The rule against this seems ridiculous. 

  • ANSWER:  The Administration will discuss this concern and make a decision for next school year.


 QUESTION 3:  Please consider the safety of student drivers when the roads are bad. I have a crappy car, and it slides easily. Also Brookfield doesn’t plow the areas roads very quickly;  two-hour delays are safer and make everyone happy.

  • ANSWER:  The Superintendent makes all decision about closing or delaying school.  Mr. Soloman works very diligently with the city when making his choices. He always considers student safety.  That is his number one priority.


QUESTION 4:  Underclassmen will have a final exam the day after senior graduation. Some students who are not seniors have siblings or friends who are graduating and having parties afterward, so these underclassmen will have to take their final the next day.  I feel that this schedule issue will affect some underclassmen negatively, taking away independent study time, which might cause students to do poorly and stress more.

  • ANSWER:  I understand your concern; however, knowing that you will want to attend graduation,  you should start your studying for exams earlier than just the night before.  That is my recommendation.  Graduation is set a year in advance. Planning ahead is half the battle. I will suggest to teachers that maybe they could pass out reviews earlier this year to allow for more study time.   


QUESTION 5:   We should be able to wear ripped jeans.

  • ANSWER: Students may wear ripped jeans with something under them now.  That was the compromise made with our students in order to allow them to wear them at all.  Remember that prior to this change, students were not allowed any holes or tears in their jeans.





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Student Concerns and Questions