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Student Concerns and Questions

QUESTION 1:  Why is it that the high school students are not able to go to the Veterans Day assembly???    My grandpa, who is a veteran, said that he feels that this is disrespectful. Several students agree, as do I.

  • ANSWER: I understand your perspective, possibly in the future we could look at doing something in the High School with our Veterans too. I cannot add to the the other assembly due to seating issues.


QUESTION 2: Make better pizza, I’m begging you, please.

  • ANSWER:  We are governed by State regulations.  There are changes made to things like the crust so they meet the food guidelines set up by the federal government.


 QUESTION 3:  Why are students not permitted to use phones in study hall?

  • ANSWER:  The district administration team has decided that no phones will be allowed during study hall or lunch in all buildings.


QUESTION 4: Student Safety! There’s a very large health concern involving students and the pop options available to them. Diet soda is the health concern because diet soda has chemicals called sweeteners which can cause diabetes type 2. Some the sweeteners used in diet sodas today are: acesulfame potassium (ace-k), advantame, aspartame, neotame, saccharin, stevia sweeteners and sucralose. These low calorie sweeteners, which are added to soda, give it the taste of table sugar. But aspartame has been found to cause cancer, and there are health risks associated with the other sweeteners. Diet sodas trick the body into thinking it has had a sugar, but in about 10-20 minutes, insulin is released, which sends the body into a fat storage mode. Also, diet sodas dehydrate the brain, which slows the education process. Additionally, drinking too much diet soda might cause insomnia, headache, and other problems. So I think that regular soda option to be added to the machines. (Michael Nigro)

  • ANSWER: I understand your point; however, legally we can only sell diet and zero calorie pop in the machines.  Those are federal regulations that we have no control over.


QUESTION 5:   We should be able to wear ripped jeans.

  • ANSWER: Students may wear ripped jeans with something under them now.  That was the compromise made with our students in order to allow them to wear them at all.  Remember that prior to this change, students were not allowed any holes or tears in their jeans.


QUESTION 6:   We would like to see a winter formal/ or another dance sometime during the months of December-March.

  • ANSWER:  For the last several years, we have tried to have an informal dance, and students have not bought the tickets.  If the participation is there for a dance, we could look at that possibility for the winter. Student Council usually hosts a dance option.

QUESTION 7:   Why can’t we have better chairs like exercise balls or rolling chairs like in the library?

  • ANSWER:   The student chairs were designed for ergonomics.  


QUESTION 8:  Why are restroom passes necessary?  If students have to go to the bathroom, then they should be allowed to go. Girls have monthly issues and need to go. If someone has an emergency, he or she need to go. Teachers attach passes to bonus points, and some students don’t want to use them.  Once those passes are used up, some teachers won’t allow students to use the restroom. Additionally, students get only 4 minutes move between classes.

  • ANSWER: Sorry, restroom passes are necessary.


QUESTION 9:  My concern is with nose piercings. I think it’s ridiculous that we can’t have these. Administrations makes up these excuses saying, “They’re too distracting!!” or “They’re not appropriate”. A piercing is nowhere near distracting, bright colored hair is distracting, and wearing big earrings is just as distracting as nose piercings, if not more so. We don’t see what the big deal is.

  • ANSWER:  We will discuss this concern for possible revision next year when the administration makes any changes to the present dress code policy.  



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Student Concerns and Questions