History Day Highlights

History Day Highlights

Lilly Hetson, Jr. Staff Editor

On the eve of February 29th, students in the sophomore and junior classes were scurrying to put last minute touches on their National History Day projects.

What is National History Day (NHD)?  This is a nationwide competition that give high school students the opportunity to research and construct a project about a topic in history relation to a particular selected theme.  This year’s theme was “Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History.”  Basically, this event is similar to the Science Fair, but focuses on a different discipline.  However, in addition to doing a tri-fold exhibit, participants have the opportunity to enter documentaries, websites, performances and papers.

This year, junior Christiana Leckfor won first place in the “Individual Exhibit” category for their project on the Titanic.  Second Place in this category was awarded to junior Brett McCauley’s “Prohibition”.  Third Place went to sophomore  Cori Dowell’s “The U2 Incident”,  and sophomore Sara Clark was awarded Honorable Mention for her exhibit “Invention of the Pinafore.”

In the “Group Exhibit” category, First Place was given to juniors Sarah and Jenna Wise for their exhibit, “The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire”.  Juniors Lilly Hetson, Rachel Maas and Brianna Cohol for their project, “The Little Lady Who Started a Big War” and juniors Mikayla Scott, Ashlynne MacDougall, Zachary Bone and Adianna Dunbar for their project, “Massacre at Bended Knee” shared Second Place; while Third Place was won by sophomores Dillion Marx, Irvin Nasseri, Julie Margala and Nicky Parish for their exhibit, “Islamic Revolution of 1979”.  Honorable Mentions were awarded to juniors Alexis Tribby and Melissa Thomas for “9/11” and Toni Scharsu and Kailyn Hill for their display, “Post WWII Germany.”

For the “Individual Documentary category, sophomores Kelly Matanin and Leah McConnell won first place, with no following winners.

Haley Grimwood won First Place in the “Individual Paper” category with her essay, “Henry Ford Revolutionizes the Automobile Industry,” with sophomore Kaylyn Garrett following in Second Place with her essay “Americans’ Reaction to the Beatles’ First Two Weeks in the United States.”

With the only entry in the “Individual Performance” category, Mickey Konczal snagged First Place with his monologue titled “Fidel Castro.”

Tyler Miller-Gordon and Chynna Thompson won first in the “Group Performance” category for their skit “Social Aspect; Women’s Suffrage”, followed by Kat Foley, Jessica Miller, and Emily Reed winning second place for their skit “Boston Tea Party”.

For the “Website” category, Abey Granger, Katie Wallroff, and Marquette Gasser won First Place for their website ” The 1992 Los Angeles Riots”. Cristal Hale and Tiffany Tremayne received runner- up for their site ” The Revolution of the Witch Trials”, while Third Place was awarded to Alexandra Zubyk, with the entry ” The American Red Scare”.

Youngstown State University held its Regional History Day on Saturday March 31. Hubbard High School had 101 participants, 23 of which qualified for State History Day.  State History Day  will be held at Ohio State University on Saturday April 28.  YSU’s region consists of Ashtabula, Geauga, Mahoning, Portage andTrumbull counties.  The qualifiers and their places, categories and topics were as follows:

Individual Website:          1stplace,  Aly Zubyk, “ The American Red Scare”

Individual Documentary:   2nd place, Brianne Stafford, “ Leon Trotsky: and Russia’s  Many Forms of Revolution”

Individual Peformance:   1stplace, Mike Konczal, “Fidel Castro”

Group Performance:         2ndplace, Chynna Thompson, Tyler Miller-Gordon, “ Womens’ Rights: A Social Issue”

3rdplace, Jessica Miller, Emily Reed, Kaitlyn Foles, “ The Coercive Acts:England’s Reaction to the Boston Tea Party.”

Individual Exhibit:              3rdplace, Christina Leckfor, “Titanic”

Group Exhibits:                   1stplace, Julia Clemente, Billy Heath, “ Auto Industry”

2ndplace, Alexis Tribby, Melissa Thomas, “9-11”

3rdplace, Zack Fortunato, Gregg Santullo, Antonio Dellimuti, “ Woodstock”

HonorableMention, Dillon Marx, Irvin Nasseri, Julie Margala, Nicky Parish, “ IslamicRevolution of 1979”

HonorableMention, Lilly Hetson, Rachel Maas, Bri Cohol, “Harriet Beecher Stowe &Uncle Tom’s Cabin”