A Class of Their Own


Alivia Sandberg, Junior Staff Writer

You nominated seniors, and then you voted. The power was in your hands. The competition was fierce, but these are the chosen who will tell the tale. This year’s senior class is full of some of the brightest, most talented students from HHS and the Hubbard Community. Whether it comes to athletics, academics, fashion or creativity the class of 2015 is sure to please.

A few of our wonderful seniors gave me their thoughts on being chosen for a particular superlative category. Effie Starheim; “Most Optimistic,” told me how she stays optimistic, even when things get rough: “I stay positive by thinking about all of the blessings in my life.” She added, “Knowing that my family and friends support me, I have nothing to be sad about.”

Next, I spoke with Jordan Wukovich, who is the glue that holds Hubbard’s student cheering section together whether it be at football, basketball or volleyball games. When asked why he does what he does to get the crowd going, he remarked, “Cheering for my bros is the only thing left to do if you’re not gonna play the game! My job is a lot easier than theirs is.” Your bros are lucky to have a friend like you cheering them on Jordan!

Lastly I talked with Gabby Davies, “Most Changed,” and I asked what she felt has changed about her, and why those changes occurred. “As high school went on, my attitude got better, and I started respecting my teachers more. I also did something about my weight. I think my change was initiated by the people around me. Hearing hurtful things made me want to prove that I could amount to something or show that I can truly be beautiful… I feel a lot more confident in myself and how I treat other people now, and I’m glad I made this change.” Way to go Gabby. Hubbard High is proud of you!

So congratulations to all of our superlatives, and happy senior year Class of 2015!

Most Outstanding: Macey Sarisky & Drew BenceticSuperlatives-Most Athletic

Most Optimistic: Effie Starheim & Akii Butler

Most Talented: Melissa Baker & Stephen Patrick

Most Athletic: Caitlin O’Hara & L. J. Scott

Most Intelligent: Taylor Barton & James Harding

Most Attractive: Kiana Martinez & Tyler Taafe

Most Likely to Succeed: Gabriella Hosack & David Vavrinak

Most School Spirit: Jenna Parkany & Jordan Wukovich

Most Changed: Gabby Davies & Cameron Syersak

Most Congenial: Taylor Watson & Rodney Wells

Funniest: Taylor Moore & Isiah Scott

Shyest: Kalotina Zenikis & Kyle Willis

Funniest Laugh: McKenzie Learn & Chris McFarland

Nicest Eyes: Kerrigan Skruck & Zach Hover

Nicest Smile: Rachel Norris & Chris Colella

Best Dressed: Layne Groscot & Stuart Hetson