Social Media Platforms Preferred by Teens


Calley Baxter, Senior Staff Writer

Today just about every teen and adult uses some form of social media. In fact, most of Hubbard High School–the majority of all students and teachers in it, have social media profiles.  Although many of the adults choose to use Facebook, the most popular platforms of social media in teens are Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.
Twitter is a social media network that allows users to “tweet” out short thoughts or messages of 140 words or less. Users can follow other users, and their tweets will show up on each other’s ‘Home’ tab. Twitter also has a tab labelled “Moments”; ‘Moments displays collections of tweets about popular events. A wide range of people can be found on social media from celebrities like the now President Donald Trump to those closer to us at home like Jordan Angelo, a senior here at Hubbard High. With news channels and politicians on Twitter, Twitter has become a significant global news source. “Twitter is useful to me because I get to share my thoughts with people whom I don’t get the chance to talk to everyday,” said Jordan. Senior David Hernandez “I like Twitter because I like watching videos and seeing tweets.”
Instagram is a photo/video sharing social media network. Instagram allows users to take a look into other users’ lives. Even celebrities share photos for everyone to see. As an Instagram user, one is able to like or comment on other users’ photos. Instagram also features an ‘Explore’ page; This features photos Instagram thinks you may like based on the profiles a user follows, or the photos one has previously liked. “People are able to show their lives through pictures and videos, which is sweet,” expressed senior Matt Harrison.
Snapchat is a social media network that allows their users to send and receive photos and videos. The sender can edit, draw, and place stickers upon his or her image or video. He or she can also set how long the media can be viewed, ranging from 1-10 seconds. Senders can select whom they want to send their ‘snap’ to, or send it to their story for all their followers to see. “Snapchat allows a user to capture a brief moment with friends or family, and It’ll only last a few seconds,” commented senior Darin Branham. “I use Snapchat the most [out of the three we’ve mentioned] because I have streaks with people,” added freshman Nadia Garcia. Streaks occur when you and another user snapchat on a daily basis.
Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are all very popular throughout Hubbard High. When asking students about their preference on platform, this reporter found that most students use Snapchat over Twitter and Instagram. However, these three types of social media are all useful in their own ways. Regardless of one’s favorite, each social media platform is a great way to keep in touch.