iX or 8? Which iPhone Appeals to You?

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iX or 8? Which iPhone Appeals to You?

Mikey Van Such, Junior Staff Writer

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One of the biggest tech companies in the world has recently revealed one of the most anticipated phones of all time: the iPhone X.  This new phone, created by Apple Inc., has features that only a few years ago were considered unattainable.  On November 3rd, this “dream phone” will be released to the world.  Dominic Colella, junior here at Hubbard High School, says, “I love everything about the X,  There’s so many new features that come along with it, and I can’t wait to try them out.”.

Along with the iPhone X, Apple is now marketing the iPhone 8, which was released on September 22nd.  It carries many of the new features that are a part of the X, and the price is significantly lower.  Starting at $699, a consumer can buy one of the newest and fastest phones on the market.  With a starting price of $999, the iPhone X really makes people wonder if this super smartphone is worth its mighty price tag. The cost of the two phones greatly differ, but the X has some features that the 8 simply cannot duplicate.

According to sources, one of the most important differences between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is the screen.  The 8 has a 4.7 inch True Tone LCD screen, while the X carries a giant 5.8 inch True Tone OLED screen.  This basically means that the iPhone X will have a larger screen with a sharper image, greater contrast ratio, and better power saving techniques.  Both phones will have a glass display and back for a highly requested feature, wireless charging, but the X has a large notch at the top, which will be used for another new feature, called facial recognition.  This feature will allow a user to unlock his/her phone simply by pointing the camera at one’s face, as certain details are recognized by the camera. Surprisingly, the iPhone X is able to keep its massive size while being 17% lighter than the iPhone 8.  Both phones will be water and dust resistant, and will contain almost identical speed performances.  Even though the speed of these two phones is similar, they both prove to be much faster than the previously released iPhone 7.  The X boasts a dual lens camera, and the 8 gets a single lens only for photos.  The dual lens doubles the optical zoom and gives much better lighting for low-light and bright-light conditions.  An important aspect of iPhones is the battery life potential.  The 8 will receive a battery life similar to the 7, but the X will have a battery that is claimed to last up to 2 hours longer than the 7.  This isn’t a major improvement, but it is an improvement nonetheless.  Finally, the iPhone X will release only in the colors silver and space gray, and the 8 adds gold to its list of colors.  

The iPhone X is clearly the better phone of the two, but the iPhone 8 is still a phenomenal device. The 8 offers many of the same features for a significantly lower price. Many Americans don’t have a budget that allows them to buy a phone for $1,000.  “When you have a family as big as mine, you don’t have the money to buy a phone this expensive.  It just won’t happen,” says Lukas Mosora, a junior here at HHS. The decision to pick between these two phones comes down to personal preference.  Some people may favor a smaller screen, and don’t see a standout factor that is worth spending the extra $300. Others may feel it’s a necessity to have the iPhone X, no matter the cost.

These phones can also be used as informative learning sources for students at Hubbard.  Anthony Corrin, a student at Hubbard High, states, “I use my phone as a learning device all the time in class. To have a brand new phone that’s as good as this one  would make my life so much easier.”  Both phones are amazing and very well designed by Apple, inc.  There are plenty of differences between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The question now becomes, which one do you plan to purchase?




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