Valentine’s Day: Expectations vs. Reality

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Valentine’s Day: Expectations vs. Reality

Mikey Van Such, Junior Staff Writer

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       Valentine’s day is a holiday in which everyone has high expectations for an extraordinary night with the love of their life, but reality usually doesn’t meet these expectations.  “I love the thought of Valentine’s day, but come to think of it, I always seem to end up disappointed with what actually happens,” says Cam Resatar, a sophomore at Hubbard high School.  

    Everybody has expectations for Valentine’s day, whether it be spending time with one’s  significant other, having a one-night stand, or simply just getting a love letter from a crush.  In our mind, everything goes romantically, and according to plan: candles are lit, roses surround the room, and love songs play in the background.  It sounds just like the perfect date. Ally Petro, a senior at Hubbard High, says, “In my mind, Valentine’s Day is a time where you and your “bae” go on a date to a fancy restaurant, come home together, and he gives you a massage while the lights are dimmed and roses are scattered all over the floor.”  As noted, it seems that girls usually have expectations much higher than guys for this holiday, but they are both still far from reality. Every person has a general idea of how Valentine’s day should go down, but most people are destined for disappointment.

Here are some examples of common expectations vs. reality on Valentine’s day–primarily from the female point of view:

  1. Expectation: Your crush finally works up the courage to tell you how much he likes you by sending you a cute Valentine’s day carnation during class.
    Reality: Your crush sends a carnation to someone else, possibly your best friend.
  2. Expectation: You and your best friends have an awesome night at your house. You’ll spend the night together baking, having a dance party in your room, and watching romantic movies while hanging out together.

Reality: You’re the only one in your friend group who doesn’t have a date, so you end up stuck at home, alone, while your parents have a romantic dinner. Nobody bakes.

  1. Expectation: You and your bae will dine on high-class food and chocolates at a fancy restaurant while you laugh about how you fell in love with each other.
    Reality:  You will dine alone on high-end cereal and M&Ms while lying in your bed, watching The Office on Netflix and pretending your love letter got lost in the mail.
  2. Expectations: You order the spaghetti and meatballs and eat it flawlessly, just like the incredible angel you are. You’ll even share it with bae, just like a scene out of Lady and the Tramp.
    Reality: You attempt to eat the spaghetti and meatballs as flawlessly as you can, but you get carried away as you start eating faster, and you spill spaghetti sauce all over yourself.
  3. Expectation: The reason your significant other hasn’t asked you what you want to do for Valentine’s day is because he’s planning an amazing surprise date filled with romance.

Reality: Your significant other asks you what you’d like to do on Valentine’s day, the DAY OF Valentine’s day, or even worse, forgets to ask you at all.

       These expectations are common, but let’s face it, they usually let us down.  In most people’s minds, Valentine’s day is highly overrated. “Last year’s Valentine’s day was a big disappointment, but this year I plan on changing that around to the best Valentine’s day ever,” says Mikayla Smith, a junior at Hubbard High School.  “I actually have a boyfriend this year, so Valentine’s day should be a lot better than it has been in previous times.” So it looks like at least one junior at HHS is guaranteed a special Valentine’s Day this year.

          However, if any of the above listed Valentine’s Day scenarios ever happen to you, don’t get discouraged!  Just like every other holiday, Valentine’s day will come around again. Thus, if reality crushes your expectations in 2018, just remember, you’ve always got next year!