Fave Musical Genres at HHS


Grace Ryser, Junior Staff Writer

Music is one of the many unique ways for people to express themselves. Whether created by the musician or admired by the audience, music can prove to be a joy for the majority of people. An online article titled “The Ten Benefits of Listening to Music” explains that music can be both therapeutic and stimulating.  Some other benefits include: increased workout endurance, reduction of pain and stress, increased academic functioning and improved memory.

Every genre of music and the songs that belong to these genres are all different in their own way, which draws a broader audience who enjoys this music. Each artist or music group has its own distinct sound, which makes music all the more beautiful.

Rylie Campbell, a junior at Hubbard High School, says that her favorite genre of music is rap, because it “gets her hype”.  Rap has proved to be a very prominent favorite for students throughout Hubbard High, as a fellow junior Maddie Morosky also enjoys rap. “I like the beat and it’s easy to jam out to,” Morosky says. Dean Esmail, junior, also enjoys the rap genre. “My favorite artist is Drake,” Esmail says.  “His music is catchy, but also has a meaning to it.” Another student who enjoys rap is Hunter Needham, a junior. Hunter states that “My favorite genre of music is rap because it’s poetry with a beat. I enjoy poetry a lot. Lil Yachty is my favorite artist because everything he publicly does is for the youth, he tries to put a positive effect on our damaged society. He makes music for us.”   Some of the most popular rap artists that HHS students listen to include: Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert and Juice Wrld.

However, not every student at HHS follows rap.  Jayden Record, junior, prefers a different genre. “I like R&B or alternative music because I can understand the lyrics and relate to what the artists are saying. Unlike rap’s fast lyrics and loud beats, these genres are relaxing and provide an escape from the real world every time you give them a listen. My favorite artist is Roy Woods.”

These are just a handful of the many students at Hubbard High who had something to say about the beauty of music and how it impacts them whenever they have a listen.   Music is a strong way to bring people together, whether one is sitting by a campfire with a group of friends listening to music or sharing favorite songs on social media. Every person has their own favorite artist, and no music taste is “bad” or “unenjoyable”. All that really matters is one’s preference and taste. Music just works that way.