What Characteristics Make the Perfect Student?


Kaitlyn McCarthy, Junior Staff Writer

Most people share the typical belief that in order to classify someone as  a good student, he or she must be able to earn A’s, participate in class, and follow every rule in the handbook. There are many articles written on this subject, and one such article, which collected data from teachers,  characterized 10 qualities that good students have. These are respectively: “1) They ask questions; 2) are hard workers; 3) They’re involved; 4)act as leaders; 5) They’re motivated and solid citizens; other qualities focus on the ability of these students to solve problems, seize opportunities, demonstrate trust, and operate within a support system.”

In the eyes of this reporter, one of the most significant qualities of a good student is determined by the amount of effort the student puts into his or her school work. Any student can cheat his/her way to straight A’s on a report card–unfortunately this happens too often. However, it’s rare to see a student with integrity who works independently on all assignments.  Students should be judged by their academic honesty and work ethic, rather than their grades in class–if there were only some way to measure these traits.

Some students will put countless hours of effort into their work, but still won’t earn an A. There are also students who can obtain an A without any effort, simply because of their natural ability. Examples like this show that good grades do not always determine a good student. “A good student is someone who works hard and tries his/her best,” says Hubbard sophomore Katie Stinson. Effort is the most important aspect of being a good, successful student.

Organization is an important skill that may also determine a student’s success. Several teachers have open notebook quizzes to imply the importance of organization. When asking HHS Sophomore Sidney Marenkovic what factors make a good student, she replied, “A good student is someone who is organized and keeps track of all deadlines and assignments.”  If a student isn’t organized, he or she can lose important worksheets and study guides. Along with success, organization shows that a student is responsible. “Good students are responsible and have good character,” said Hubbard senior Lexi Adkins. Organizational skills not only make a good student, but also act as a vital life skill for the future.

Effort, along with dedication, also determine a good student. “Bad students procrastinate and complain,” says junior Abbey Hetmanski. Waiting last minute to complete assignments with minimal effort is a very bad habit for students. Avoiding procrastination is the first step to becoming a better student.

So if there’s a message in this article, it’s that straight A’s do not necessarily qualify the student as particularly “good” or better than most others.  Someone who stays responsible, puts in hours of time and effort, and is respectful to others, represents the true definition of a good student.

Source: https://www.thoughtco.com/perfect-student-characteristics-4148286