It’s a Small World After All


Cassie Herberger, Junior Staff Writer

Hubbard has been blessed year after year to receive articulate and intelligent Foreign Exchange Students. These adventurous students travel across the world to attend schools in the United States, not with their families, but by themselves. Hubbard is very lucky to have received four wonderful students for the 2018-19 school year. Let’s make sure that HHS welcomes them.

Ivan Affaticati was born and raised in Milan, Italy. While in Italy, Ivan studied a total of four different languages; these include: Italian, French, Spanish, and English. This school year Ivan has been working hard and has become a starter on the high school soccer team. Ivan’s contribution has helped the team to achieve an undefeated season.  Ivan says, “I’m very lucky to have been placed in Hubbard, especially with such a loving family. I wanted a change in my life, and that’s what I got.” Ivan’s school day in Italy is different from his school day in America, he explains. In Italy, the students stay in a room and the teachers move to various locations; whereas in America, the students change classrooms. Ivan explained, “In America you are allowed to include sports in the high school program. But in Italy you would never see sports teams; they have sports clubs only.”

Say hello to HHS’s second visiting student: Alejandra Laguarta, from Barcelona, Spain, who is currently a sophomore. In Spain, Alejandra spent most of her time playing basketball. She plans on trying out for the basketball team this winter. “This season I plan on showing America what I am made of, “ she exclaimed excitedly.  In Spain, Alejandra also studied four languages; these languages include: Spanish, Català (a language derived from a medieval principality in northeastern Spain), German, and English. Back in Spain, Alejandra was given many oral tests. She says, “Not having oral tests is the biggest difference between the two schools.” Alejandra is very glad she has had the privilege of becoming a foreign exchange student. She states, “I have made so many wonderful friends already. I just want this time in the states to be very rememberable”.

Welcome Karina Adamonva is from Astana, Kazakhstan. Karina also has an extensive language background, and she has studied four different languages back in Kazakhstan.  These languages include: Russian, Kazakh (the official language of the Republic of Kazakhstan), English and French. In Kazakhstan, students attend school between 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. September 1st is when the students first return to school. After school, students engage in various activities. Karina explains,  “After school I liked to volunteer at festivals, concerts, and marathons.” The biggest difference between the two schools is that back in Kazakhstan students have to learn about 18 different subjects during the school year, and everyday they learn a different subject, she states.  Karina is looking forward to celebrating holidays in America. She remarked, “I am looking forward to celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also can’t wait to go to Prom!” Looks like Karina is already becoming Americanized.

HHS’s  last foreign exchange student is from Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan. Her name is Darya Svetlichnaya, and she is bilingual. Darya is able to speak in Russian and Kazakh. She explains, “I want to learn as much as I can about America so I can share this experience with my family. I also want to show the people in America what traditions we have in Kazakhstan.”   Darya applied to be a foreign exchange student to learn about the different cultures, she states. In America, Darya loves to spend time with her host-family and friends. She remarked, “I like the people in Hubbard, they are very open and understanding. They made me feel right at home.”

Let’s make sure we make these visitors feel as comfortable as they can in a strange place which is so very different from their own homes in their own respective countries.  Hopefully, they will return to their countries with some beautiful memories.