Students Personalize their Rides by Naming


Giavanna Hosack, Junior Staff Writer

Most juniors and seniors at Hubbard High School have a car, and surprisingly (or maybe not), most use an accompanying name for their vehicle, in order to personalize their ride.  Many of the names are customized to the car’s appearances. Senior Jamie Thomson has a 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback named, “Sonic–because my car is sonic grey.” Junior Maddie Kirila had a 2002 burgundy Monte Carlo SS named Vivian. Kirila exclaimed, “Her name was Vivian because, well, she’s sort of posh and looks like a Vivian.” Junior Ally Phibbs named her car, “The Burnt Pancake, because my car is so close to the ground that it smells like a burnt pancake inside.”

Some cars at Hubbard High are given particular names because  of the owner’s friends. Senior Maya Wesser has a 2007 Chevy HHR named, “George because Sydney Stubrich stole the name Ron from me.” Similarly, Senior Leslie Summers has a 2008 Jeep Patriot named, “Diego simply because Sydney Stubrich said it looks like a Diego.”

Some cars from the past influence both student and teacher car choices. Band teacher Mr. Dan Nestich had a 1979 White Impala Station Wagon with vinyl seats and no air. Mr. Nestich and his friends in high school called his car, “The Ocean Liner, because it was a big white car you couldn’t miss.”

Some students at Hubbard name their cars according to their Spanish or French name. Junior Sogol Nasseri named her car, “Sophia because it was my name in French, and I felt like it was a good fit for my car.” Like Joey Barr’s Cobalt, students name their cars based on their actual car name. Joey named his car, “The Joebalt because it’s a Cobalt plus Joey which equals the Joebalt.”

However, some students at Hubbard High School like Dom Colella aren’t interested in naming their cars, as Colella states, “Naming cars is a stupid concept and not for me.”  Ramiah Givens, like Dom Colella, thinks naming cars is pointless. Senior Ramiah says, “It’s not important to me and doesn’t serve a real purpose.”

So while not every student car at HHS has a name, there are certainly more than a few lined up in the student parking lot.  Personalizing anything, even a car, gives something its own unique identity, and that’s why many students choose to do so, which makes the students themselves unique as well. Consider what you would name your vehicle the next time you take it out for a ride.  If nothing else, straining your brain to find the just perfect fit will both amuse and entertain you.