Should Students Have Assigned Parking Spaces?


Hannah Moffit, Senior Staff Writer

When students are finally old enough to drive to school, it’s a pretty big deal. How early should you leave your house? Will you get a good spot? Will you get in an accident in the parking lot?

These are all pretty common questions to be running through a teen’s mind as a new student driver. But even if one is a new or established student driver, should he or she have his or her own assigned parking spot? This is something that hasn’t been quite a hot topic at Hubbard High School, but the question has undoubtedly been a consideration to some drivers.

When Senior Ramiah Givens was asked, “Should students here at Hubbard High School get assigned parking spots?” She replied,“No because the lot would become even less organized than it is already. The office is already worried if we have our parking tags in the window, now they would also be on us about if we parked in the correct spots or not.”  Junior Maddie Morosky explained: “Pulling in and out would become hazardous. Everyone would be trying to negotiate around each other to get to their particular spot.”

If students had designated parking spots, undoubtedly there would be a rivalry between the people who get the “good spots”– like closest to the main access road or school entrance,  and the people that get the “worst spots”– everywhere else. As it is right now, the earlier one gets to the school, the better his or her chances of getting a good spot. And this method actually seems to be the fairest way to handle parking in a high school lot.

When Senior Jamie Thompson was asked the same question, he replied, “No I don’t think that we should be assigned spots in the student parking lot because no one would want the bad spots. I think it’s fair that if you get there early, you get a good spot, and if you’re late, you have to park further away.”

So according to the student input, it appears that it is better to leave the student parking situation as is. Realistically, as adults, students will be vying for parking spots every day.  It’s probably good practice to start that process now in high school.