Adjustment Tips for Covid-19


Brianna Scarmack, Junior Staff Writer

In these past eight months, it has become  very evident that our lives can be changed drastically in a very short period of time. When the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) caused the United States and many other countries to shut down, we were all forced to adapt. Now 8 months in, we are now accepting our “new normal”. In these challenging times, here are some helpful tips to adjust to this new world. 

Tip #1: Whether it’s your senior or your freshman year being torn from you, it is not impossible to enjoy your time in high school. My first piece of advice would be to develop new ways to connect and communicate with other people. Communication is critical right now. Letters, text messages, emails, and phone calls are all easy ways to safely communicate. One source explains: “We’re talking about grabbing some proper stationery that says you mean (letter-writing) business, putting pen to paper in your best handwriting, and then letting the postal service do its thing (or drive and drop off the letter if you are able to).” 

Tip #2: Despite the need to adapt in isolation, we still need to reach out and talk to other people. We can’t completely cut ourselves off of society. Mckenzie Conger, a junior here at HHS, states: “I have been texting and FaceTiming people a lot more now. I am trying to reach out to others so that I know that they are okay.” Just like Mckenzie, we can all look out for each other and try in our own ways to reach out. 

Tip #3: The third way that we can adjust to the pandemic is by staying positive. We have to know that this dilemma isn’t going to last forever. Yes, it isn’t very good right now, but we have to focus on the positive. Who knows? An upbeat perspective might be just the thing needed to help someone else who is very frightened or depressed by this pandemic. If you can help even one person, then your efforts are not in vain. 

Tip #4: This is a period of time to focus on and improve yourself. Aim to accomplish your goals. Your goal can be from finally getting up enough courage to cut your hair, or to work super hard in school to get on the honor roll. Focus on the aspects that will improve you physically, mentally or spiritually, and not on the bad. Freshman Danny Scarmack explained how he stays happy during COVD-19: “I have stayed positive by going outside and enjoying the nice weather.” A sunny day, is after all, something that can make everyone feel better.

Whether you are having a hard time adjusting to Covid or not, you need to focus on what makes you happy.  Hopefully these four tips will do a little to help you head in the right direction. Look forward to the day when you can reminisce about this time as an important moment in not only your life, but the lives of all around you.