Covid-19 and the Impact on Teen Mental Health

Anna Pogacnik, Senior Staff Writer

Covid-19 has played a large and incredibly stressful role in everyone’s lives. Whether it be actually contracting this destructive disease, having to worry about the safety of those in a family who are at a higher risk, or having to adapt to the many changes this pandemic has brought to the world, it seems like this virus has brought on more than enough responsibility for anyone. 

Now imagine all that extra pressure and sadness heaped upon the hopeful teens who felt invincible as they approached graduation, prom, and the several end of year activities. It is no lie that teens have been affected by this virus, as it has changed ways of learning and communication for students. The lack of social interaction brought on from the many canceled events has spiked an increase in the reported loneliness and isolation adolescents feel. “I would say that Covid has affected teens in a negative way because it has deprived teens of that social quality they need in their lives,” states Hubbard High School Senior Gabe Gilliland. 

Besides the inability to socialize with others as much as they are used to, experts have also reported an increase in stress related to the changes in school routines. Like many individuals, adolescents need some sort of routine set in place to help regulate their schedule. At the beginning of the pandemic, many students felt lost and confused, as it was a new endeavor for everyone. Many students have also felt more pressure going into this school year, as everything is different. “Since COVID-19 happened, my mental health has been okay. But when school started for my senior year, I’ve never felt more pressure to make sure I have good grades and that I have turned everything in that I’m supposed to. So yeah, I’m pretty stressed,” said Hubbard senior Elania Villano. 

On the bright side, there are many things students can do to help cope with the stress of this pandemic. One being to simply start a new and practical routine for completing schoolwork. By setting a routine, as well as a list of goals for each day, it will be easier to keep up with schoolwork and avoid putting assignments off until the last minute. Remember, experts are referring to this as a “traumatic event” not only for adolescents, but for everyone. This is an event that will most likely affect people for life. By staying connected, informed, and doing your part to stop the spread of this disease, life will eventually go back to normal.