Spirit Week Recap


Kaitlyn Thompson, Sophomore Staff Writer

Did you participate in spirit week this year? Did you enjoy the themes? Did you win on any of the days? These are some questions we can ask while recapping spirit week!

This year, the student council held a two-week long spirit week so that everyone in both cohorts could participate. The themes included the following: Dress to Impress, Pajama Day, Freaky Friday, Hawaiian day, Meme day, and Halloween. These days were created to bring a little laughter and levity here at HHS. While students dressed up, the teachers did their part as well. Some believe the staff had more fun than the students. Spanish Teacher, Mrs. Anna Badurik says, “We had fun coordinating our outfits, and impressing our students with our new looks.” In addition to dressing up, Mr. David Reel, Assistant Principal, held a competition on the Hubbard Schools Instagram page for the best dressed teacher and student on each day. Senior Isaac Powell says, “It was really fun! It was great to see so many teachers participating in it this year as well. Hopefully this spirit can continue to grow throughout the coming years as we welcome upcoming classes to the high school.”

A few HHS students were asked what their favorite theme was and why. Freshman, Nick Bowser says,  “I would say that my favorite was Dress to Impress because it brought a different atmosphere here to school, and it was cool to experience that.”  Sophomore Layla Mauk said, “My favorite spirit week theme was Dress to Impress because I got to wear one of my favorite dresses that I couldn’t wear to school on a normal day.” Seeing that “Dress to Impress” was a popular theme, another student responded on their favorite theme, which was…you guessed it, Dress to Impress. Junior, Karlie Brenner said, “Dress to Impress I enjoyed the most because it was the one day I actually tried to look nice for school.”  A different response was offered by Senior, Bella Hoffman.  Hoffman stated, “Pajama Day was my favorite because I got to stay in my pjs all day even though I do that anyways when I don’t have to go to school.” 

With the successful spirit weeks behind us, we will continue to find new ways to make coming to school more fun! Thanks to all who participated in making these days so special in this crazy and sometimes very disappointing 2020 year.