Get Those Zzzz’s


Kennedy Evans, Junior Staff Writer

Teenagers these days have full lives, filled with school, sports practices, jobs, friends, and much more.  Unfortunately, when trying to balance this load, teens tend to sacrifice one of the most important aspects that aids them in accomplishing all these tasks—sleep.  The “Sleep Foundation” states, “For student athletes in particular, research suggests it’s better to get at least nine or ten hours.” With that being said most students get around six to seven hours on an average night. A huge contribution that plays a role in younger students not getting enough sleep is the one thing everyone has, and never leaves the house without: a cell phone. 

The main focus of any teenager’s life is school. Whether one is an honors student, student athlete, or just a normal student, school is stressful. With homework every night and then out-of- school duties, teens can easily be overwhelmed.  Junior Mckenzie Conger states, “I turn my phone off at ten because if I don’t, I will be on it all night. It’s just more helpful to eliminate the distraction.” Everyone knows young adults love to be on their phones, whether it be looking social media, texting, or anything else. Well, with these busy schedules, students are often left with very little time to be on their phones. Therefore, students spend a lot of time on their phones at night. 

Another big part of teenagers lives is sports! Being a student athlete is hard, and participating in sports takes up a lot of time. From practices to games almost every day, there is not a lot of time in the day to do everything. If one adds that to the amount of time students spend on their school work, they do not have a lot of free time. In addition to sports, many students have jobs.  Jobs can be another stressor that causes a lack of sleep after a taxing day. Junior Brianna Scarmack says, “After a long day at school, I go straight to work and some nights don’t get off till around nine. It can be hard, because as soon as I get home I have to do my homework, which does not leave a lot of free time for me.” 

Friends are a very important part of every young person’s life and help many through thick and thin. After a long day, sometimes a student just wants sit down and talk with his/her friends. Due to different schedules, this window normally falls during hours of the night when students should be recharging for the next day. There is a common understanding in the level of importance of activities throughout the day, and everyone can think of the most important one. You hear it all the time, “school comes first” but should school always come first, even when it’s up against a students health?  

Ultimately, students lives are filled with so many other activities such as: school, sports, jobs, and friends. The end of the day is typically when many begin to relax and most students choose to do so by hopping onto social media or texting with a friend. It is a way to decompress and prepare for the next day without stress or worry. One way to control the student fatigue level is to eliminate the distraction. Some believe that it is impossible for Gen Z to get proper rest, but if we would turn our phones off, then GenZ could get some Zzzs’.