Fashion Forward: Teen Brands to Buy

Fashion Forward: Teen Brands to Buy

Christina Badurik, Sophomore Staff Writer

As years, or even months pass, so do trends. Teens have seen it all in the past decade. From Chevron print items to Galaxy Leggings, there have been some questionable fashion fads.  Some of the trendiest things though, aren’t always so specific.  They are deemed trendy based on the brand from which they come. These quick trends allow certain brands to appear in the spotlight for extended periods of time. Even when a brand starts to go out of style, there’s always the major enthusiasts who refuse to throw away their favorite shirt or shoes, regardless of the item’s popularity. However, once a brand is out for such a duration of time, they will never return. For instance, when was the last time you’ve seen someone rocking a pair of DC sneakers?

All of this talk about trending brands may lead one to wonder what the trendiest brands are today.  Well, a brand that has recently taken the fashion world by storm is New Balance.  This may sound odd, as New Balance has always been living in every sporting wear brand’s shadow, but their new line of vintage looking shoes have been a hot item this back to school season.  “New Balance’s new take on lifestyle sneakers took me by surprise. They’ve come out with pretty unique and stylish designs, and I bought a pair when back to school shopping,”  said Hubbard senior, Jaden Johnston.

Currently, another trending brand that seems to never go out of style is Nike. It’s not very often that someone goes outside without seeing at least one person sporting their Nike Air Force Ones. These shoes, along with many others created by Nike, are a staple in the teen and young adult closet. Other popular pieces from Nike are their ultra-comfortable sweatpants, or their high-top Nike Blazers. In fact, according to an online article titled “What is actually Cool to Buy in 2021,” which appeared on the Strategist online, Nike is the most recognizable brand when it comes to loungewear among teens (see chart). A person can really never go wrong with wearing Nike, as the brand is always up-to-date and the company keeps their selection in line with all of the top trends.  Hubbard freshman, Emalie Esmail stated, “Nike is my favorite brand, because whether I’m shopping for shoes or clothes, I can always find something cute.”

One more brand that’s been at the top of their fashion game lately is Shein.  Shein is an affordable Asain shopping site, with prices starting below $5.00. They sell everything that one could possibly imagine, from clothes, to jewelry, and even home decor, Shein will always have something for everyone.  Hubbard sophomore Caroline Capuzello claims, “I feel like lately whenever I ask anybody where they got their outfit from, the response is always Shein.”  What most people appreciate most about Shein though, is that they replicate trends that come from higher-end brands, and sell them for much lower prices.  

In this day and age, there’s so much versatility, especially in the fashion industry.  A teen has the capability to be stylish no matter where one’s clothes are from. However, if ever in desperate need of a trendy new outfit, please allow this article to be a worthwhile guide.