HHS Parking Spot Vandalized

HHS Parking Spot Vandalized

Kaitlyn Thompson, Senior Staff Writer

This year at HHS seniors were lucky enough to be allowed to paint their parking spots. It was a fun way to add color and personality to the school lot. It was also a great opportunity for students to express who they are, and to show off their creative side. 

The process was fairly easy if students were interested.  For a $25.00 fee, students could submit a design drawing to either Ms. Brandie Yobe, Principal or Mr. David Reel, Vice-Principal, and if approved, that student was authorized to come in on a particular day and paint his or her spot.  Who would think that something so enjoyable could become problematic?  

Senior student Mya Reyonlds was a participant in this new experience. Mya decided to paint a flag that represents and respects policemen, firemen, and members of the military. However, after less than 24 hours of her parking spot being finished, it was vandalized. This vandalism–as evidenced in the featured image– caused a big uproar in the school and the community.  Senior Kellsie Leshnack says, “No matter what views or beliefs held by the person who vandalized the spot, that person had no right to ruin someone else’s designed  parking spot.” 

 Local law enforcement, VFW members, and firemen found out this had happened. Then they arranged to restore the painting. Police Chief Bob Thompson says, “We were honored that she painted her spot showing support for police, fire, and military. However, we would not be happy with anybody’s parking spot being damaged, especially after someone put thought and hard work into it.” Less than a week after the vandalism, local first responder and VFW members came to help mya restore her parking spot.  See below for the live news article that covers this even: 

Hubbard student’s parking lot painting in support of police, fire, military defaced

Not only did this story make it throughout the community of Hubbard, but it also made it to the local news. “It was really amazing, and I really appreciate everyone who came to help,”  said senior Mya Reynolds. Mya was later a recipient of the WYTV Hometown Hero award and the Patriotic Citizens Award from the VFW post 3767. She was awarded both of these in honor of her courtesy to support her local first responders and military members.