Personal Opinion Piece: Is Online Dating A Scam?


Sara Sahagun, Senior Staff Writer

No one today would question the fact that technology is an integral part of everyone’s lives. People have incorporated tech into every aspect of their routine, including their dating routine. The question is: is online dating more of a scam or can a long lasting relationship develop from it?

Those who have entered the online dating field will use apps to find a partner. Apps like Tinder, eHarmony, Match, Hinge, and Bumble have all been created to help people of all types and all ages find love, friends, and relationships. Those who aren’t on these dating apps tend to think that online dating doesn’t come with the reliable foundation that’s needed to form a long lasting relationship, and I agree. For most teens, online dating is a scam, unless someone is  in search of a lighthearted, casual relationship or meetup. 

According to online sources, a  little over 13% of people on dating websites actually end up getting married, which isn’t too bad  of a percentage, but think about the 87 or so percent that didn’t have that luck. Gabi Jones, a senior attending Hubbard High has an opinion on this topic. She says, “It’s definitely not impossible, but I think it is highly unlikely  that a teen will meet someone he or she will end up with online..”  

A lot of these dating apps require a fee or in-app purchases. So who’s really benefiting from these apps? The creators. Why is it that there’s a fee for meeting people? How are these dating apps benefiting from a long lasting relationship? Remember, these dating companies are in business to make money, so one can assume that they’d prefer to keep you dating rather than not. They want relationships to fail so that people continue to join over and over again. 

 Ryan Murray, a junior at Hubbard High states, “I don’t think anyone on a dating app or site should actually expect anything long lasting.” If you’re looking for something that isn’t serious, like just a friend or a fling, these apps may be for you.   This writer tends to agree.  When looking for true love, it’s best to look elsewhere.