Is Snapchat Plus Worth It?


Christina Badurik, Junior Staff Writer

In June 2022, Snapchat gave users something to talk about by releasing a new feature, Snapchat Plus. states, “As its name indicates, Snapchat Plus (aka Snapchat+) is a paid, enhanced version of the social messaging app.” Some benefits that come with this include being able to see “ghost trails” of each place a friend has traveled within a day, custom app icons/themes, a story rewatch indicator, and a Snapchat+ badge next to your display name. What really gets users stirring is trying to figure out whether the $40 price tag for a year subscription is really worth it. 

One of the most highly revered features by those who have purchased Snapchat+ is the custom app icons, as mentioned by Junior Aubrey Panigall, “My favorite thing about Snapchat+ is getting to change my app icon. It’s exciting to change it to match whatever season or holiday is coming up and it really adds such a cute touch to my home screen.” Although it is one of the simpler features, it is definitely one that is highly sought after. 

Many Snapchat users simply do not see the need for spending money to enhance the app. Many of the features are seen as useless, unnecessary, and even weird. Sophomore Emalie Esmail says, “It is strange to me that someone would pay to see where their friends have traveled in a day. It’s honestly creepy and I’m not even sure why that is a feature that would ever exist.” Snapchat+ is a generally unattractive purchase to most of its average users.