New Christmas Trends


Taylor Dattilo, Sophomore Staff Writer

The traditional Christmas style of decorating and the use of colors such as red and green will always be popular, but people are finding many new ways to decorate for the Christmas season. One of the newest trends for 2022 is the use of neutral colors. For instance, something that has become more and more popular over the years is using a white Christmas tree. Many people are taking the natural green look and instead replacing it with all white trees. Another way people are incorporating neutral colors would be by using colors like beige, tan, gray, cream, and brown for things like wrapping paper, ornaments and decor all around the house. Lastly, the use of white lights rather than colored lights has been a big change. Gianna Yacobucci, a sophomore at Hubbard high school says, “Last year was the first time my family had ever used white lights instead of colored ones and we plan to do the same this year too.”   

Another 2022 trend is the vintage look. Still using a lot of neutral colors such as white, gold and silver along with metallics. This style uses materials like beads, feathers, and crystals, along with older decorations that are not as commonly made anymore. 

The last craze for 2022  is nature inspired. This uses soft whites, greens, browns and many decorations made out of natural materials like wood and plants such as mushrooms, acorns, leaves, and sticks. Different animals and forest creatures such as deer, gnomes, squirrels and birds are often incorporated in this style of decorating. This trend has stemmed from the want of more real and less fake decorations. Another reason for this being a popular trend is that the materials are both sustainable and disposable. Alyssa Gregory, a sophomore at Hubbard high school says, “My family has used decorations made from wood for years now and not a single one has broken.”  

Though the traditional style and the use of red and green will stick around forever there are many fun ways to incorporate different styles into Christmas decorating.