Ready for Winter Sports?


Emily Gotch, Senior Staff Writer

As the cold air rolls in, winter athletes are more than ready to get their seasons going. With practices already started, the athletes are working hard to make sure this season is the best one yet. 

One winter sport here at Hubbard High is boys and girls basketball. Both the boys and girls team are making great progress during practices to ensure that this season will be great. With the boys first game out of the way, losing to Matthews High School, the team is looking to get a win and continue to get some wins under their belt for the rest of the season. The girls also had their first game. They won against Badger High School and are looking to continue their winning streak. Another sport Hubbard has during the winter is girls and boys bowling. The teams had their first match against Boardman High School, both ending in defeat. “Even though our first match was a loss, I think the team will do well this year. Last year we made it to districts and everyone was new. So I think we can go there or even all the way to state,” said junior Madison Brainard. They look forward to turning this season around and making it an even better season than last year. 

Another sport preparing for the upcoming season is wrestling. The boys and girls of our wrestling team are making great progress this season. Although the teams have not participated in a match yet, they look promising. They hope to have an amazing season, just as they did last year. Last but not least is swimming. With meets underway, the team is looking to have a season just as great as last year. “I’m pretty excited to try and beat my old records. I also want to try and beat some of the records that have been up since the 80’s,” said junior Kai Summers. 

Whether it’s shooting hoops, throwing strikes or making a splash, winter sports are getting ready for that first game, match or meet. The athletes are excited for what the upcoming season will hold while students, staff and parents/guardians are ready to watch and cheer on the athletes.