Spirit Week at a Glance

Spirit Week at a Glance

Emily Gotch, Senior Staff Writer

During the week of September 26, students participated in what we call here at Hubbard High, Spirit Week. Each day of the week is assigned a different theme. Students and staff are then encouraged to dress up for that day’s theme. Spirit Week always leads up to one of the most important events of the school year, Homecoming. 

Monday’s theme was “groutfit.” On this day staff and students dressed in all gray. This day was a way for everyone to dress comfortably. Tuesday’s theme was Jersey Day. Students put on their favorite jersey and showed off their favorite sports team. Tuesday also happened to be picture day. Not as many students participated but some stuck to the theme.  “I wore a space jam jersey. I wore it because one, I never wore it before; two, it looks cool; and three, Lebron James is my favorite player,” said senior Kalyn Nuel. 

Blindfolded Closet Challenge was Wednesday’s theme. To participate in the Blindfolded Closet Challenge, students must blindfold themselves and pick out clothing from their closets. Then that is your outfit for the day. Sophomore Peter Koulianos picked out many random items for his outfit and wore them to school. “I wanted to make others laugh and to just go all out for the fun of it,” said Koulianos. 

Thursday’s theme was animals and tourists. Freshman and sophomores dressed as animals while juniors and seniors dressed as tourists. Sophomore Jacob Arthur dresses up in an inflatable giraffe.  “Being inside the giraffe gets a lot of attention from everyone and I Iike the attention,” said Arthur. Senior Bethany Clark dressed as a tourist, all decked out in her button up and bucket hat. “I wore a pink shirt with an overshirt that looked like the roller rink carpet, ripped jeans, crocs and an adidas tie dye bucket hat,” said Clark.  

Last but not least Friday’s theme was color day. Each grade level is assigned a color and students from that grade will wear that color. Freshmen were assigned blue. Sophomores got gray, Juniors got white, and seniors were assigned black. Color day has always been a theme for spirit week but what color each grade level was assigned has changed each year. 

Spirit Week is a fun week where students and staff get to dress up in anything from comfortable clothing to wacky outfits. Every day of that week is enjoyed by everyone at Hubbard High School.