The Christmas Cookie Showdown

The Christmas Cookie Showdown

Ashley Rodgers, Junior Staff Writer

The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means many people are looking forward to spending their weekends and holiday break baking cookies. It can be for a family dinner, just for you to snack on, or even to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. According to, “Four out of five Americans (83 percent) typically bake cookies of all baked goods throughout the year.” This increases to 93 percent during the holidays, with 61 percent baking three or more batches of cookies.” Baking cookies is a huge part of the holiday season all over the country. To summarize, baking cookies during the holiday season is a common activity for many people to participate in.


The reason why baking cookies is so popular during the holidays is that it brings people together. Junior Chloe Rusnak says, “My family has been baking Christmas cookies for years. We get our recipes from all different parts of my family, going back as far as my great grandparents.” For many families, baking cookies becomes a yearly tradition. Spending time with your family is what the holidays are all about and there’s no better way to spend time with your family than to bake cookies. Plus, you get a tasty treat out of it, too.


The real question is, which Christmas cookie is the Showdown Champion? There are so many options to choose from. “My favorite cookies to eat around the holidays are clothespin cookies. My grandma would always make them, so they create very special memories for me,” says Senior Jordan Heather. On the other hand, Freshman Sarah Brand says, “I would have to say those little thumbprint cookies filled with jam are my favorite because they have a balanced taste and aren’t too sweet.” As a result, depending on what your family’s traditions are, your favorite holiday cookie can easily differ from someone else’s.


However, the cookie that wins the showdown is the chocolate chip cookie.  According to, “A new YouGov poll has revealed the best Christmas cookie…The top cookie to emerge from the trials was America’s classic — chocolate chip…”. The problem is there can be no official winner because there are so many different cookies and everyone has different opinions. What’s your all time favorite Christmas cookie? Is it an old-school classic, such as the chocolate chip cookie or sugar cookie? Or is it something not as common, such as the thumbprint cookies or buckeye cookies?