Angelina Russ, Senior Staff Writer

It is no secret that school can stress out students, but what exactly is it that stresses them out the most? Could it be tests, homework, the atmosphere, or simply just the idea of being at school? According to a study done at the University of Saint Andrews, some of the common stressors include exams, deadlines, studying, and poor time management. Senior at Hubbard High School, Ava Pantone, mentioned, “Tests and homework tend to stress me out because I am involved in activities outside of school that take up a lot of my time. It gets difficult keeping up with my work that isn’t done in class.” These stressors seem to be some of the most common ones that occur in schools. In today’s day, a lot of kids strive for academic excellence making school more stressful because they feel like they need to be the best that they can be. Having high expectations of oneself can lead to stress over their academics.

These stressors cannot easily be controlled by getting rid of them, but knowing how to manage the stress can. An article by Harvard Summer School explores the different ways students can control their school-related stress with the top idea being to make sure one is getting enough sleep at night. Staying well-rested assists in easing the mind and makes it possible to be able to think clearly and plan out your school work. Richie Sandberg, another senior at Hubbard High School mentioned how important getting enough sleep is to him. “Not getting enough rest in the evenings nearly kills me the next morning for school. The whole day ends up feeling like an endless drag.” While school can contain plenty of stressors for most, some decide to “go with the flow”, as Senior Emily Dixon stated. The stressors school provides to kids and how they affect them simply depend on how each individual reacts to a stressful situation.