Fashion Trends of 2023

Aubrey Middlestead, Freshman Staff Writer

“Fashions fade. Style is eternal,” said Yves Saint Laurent, a popular French fashion designer that owns the Saint Laurent company. Laurent explains that style and how you dress stays forever, but trends last for a brief time. So what are the fashion trends for this year? According to Seventeen and GQ magazines, this year is truly unique and fun. 

Over the past couple of years, crocheting has become a popular activity for those of all ages to do. Everything is crochet including phone cases, water bottles, headphones, etc. The trend has now affected fashion, we find models and celebrities wearing shirts, dresses, and bathing suits in knitwear. Patterns of stripes, flowers, and ruffles are included in this package. Along with bright colors that are sure to catch your eye. Pared with jeans or tank tops underneath crocheted clothing is a must for this year.

A classic is always in the fashion community; the button-up. This year, however, is a loose pastel or striped look. Pinks, browns, and blues are what are trending for button-ups in 2023. Pared with casual pants and solid color shoes is what makes this outfit so versatile. For influencers and celebrities, this outfit is a must. Walking around town, or going to parties…the button-up has to be your go-to.

The 80s have been here for a couple of years, but what is in store for the comeback in 2023? Bright shirts and jackets, baggy pants, and bulky shoes are on the list this year. Inspired by a popular show “Stranger Things” the cast is seen rocking the 80’s trends for this year. Colorful patterns on shirts and jackets are everywhere. Along with blue baggy jeans. Windbreaker jackets and short shorts are also making a comeback in 2023. Caleb Mackay and Jordan Yacobucci, two freshman at Hubbard High School said “Bring back the short shorts!” Many will love and many will hate, but it is a highlight for this year. 

Pink is the color of 2023. Some might even call it barbie-core, a new Tik-Tok aesthetic. You can go full monochromatic with many shades and patterns of pink. Pink bags, shirts, and very girly items are in for 2023. Ruffles and solids are commonly worn. Many celebrities are seen wearing pink to events, like Zendaya. 

Trench Coats are back in! Whether the spy look is what you’re going for, it is a top trend in 2023. Browns and plaids of coats are the most common. Paired with neutral dress pants and a button-up, the coat gives you a stylish look. Many celebrities are rockin’ the new look walking around town and going to meetings. 

A new staple has formed over the past year; Zip-ups. A comfy outfit paired with sweatpants or leggings. The jacket gives you a sporty vibe if paired with tennis shoes. When put together with boots or other shoes it gives you a streetwear outfit. Many consider the jacket part of the “Model-off-Duty” attire. Kira McAfoose, A freshman at Hubbard High, says she loves zip-up hoodies. “They’re comfy and casual and used for everything” Overall,  the jacket is staying on the list of trending fashion items for 2023.